Je suis également formateur en entreprise.

J'apporte des solutions pour le teambuilding et la créativité.

Mes formations s'adaptent aux besoins spécifiques de chaque entreprise et repose sur des techniques du théâtre d'improvisation: lâcher-prise, confiance, travail d'équipe, et bienveillance.

J'ai déjà travaillé pour Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Asie), Astrazeneca (Asie), Jaguar Land Rover (Shanghai)...


You can hire me for private coaching session, for one or several people.

I work in English or French and give simple, pragmatic advice designed to increase your talent and tap into your natural creative and imaginative skills.


I believe anyone can be a better actor, host, speaker, or performer. I am here to guide you over some of the major hurdles and show you and YOU can find the solutions to an amazing experience.

I coach total beginners and experienced performers alike.

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"The first lesson any improviser learns is the concept of YES, AND - to agree and build.  As and actor and comic, Julien truly exemplifies this principle both onstage and off.  I am totally confident on stage with Julien because I know whatever I give him, he will accept it and make magic with it."

              - Curt Mabry, Director of Zmack.

"Julien’s passion and talent for theater and performance comes through in everything he sets his mind to – whether it's Shakespeare or Improv, Drama or Comedy!  He is one of those actors who is both a joy to watch on stage AND to work with back stage!”

              - JP Lopez

"Julien is a naturally creative person. He is a true artist. His talents range from musicality to being onstage as a charismatic actor/comedian. I have worked with Julien on several projects over the last two years and as well as being my buddy, he is one of the most talented guys that I  have met here in Shanghai. Shanghai is lucky to have him around."

               - Richard Bochniak, a.k.a. Punk, member of Zmack. 



Learn about the 'stock' characters of 16th-century Italian theatre form "Commedia" and semi-improvise a unique show! This traditional slapstick comedy structure is surprisingly modern and will help you design characters and plot while enjoying the freedom of improvisation.

You will work with unique leather masks and develop specific skills like stage fight, dancing, singing, and more!

Download the following brochure to learn more, and contact me for further questions.

A review of "Heroes," the play I directed in May 2016


"Some good advice for you, boys: 'Never tell a woman that making her laugh and making her climax are equally important, she'll think you'll divide your concentration and she'll drop you just like that!'

So often in theatre, directors hide behind the term 'absurd' and use it to get away with charging a lot of money for what is essentially bollocks. Absurd bollocks maybe, but still bollocks. "Heroes" however, is not bollocks.


Twisted Carousel Theatre presents 'Heroes,' written by Tony Award winner Tom Stoppard and directed by Julien Bertrand.. The show tells the story of three war veterans, Henri (Mark Edwards), Philippe (Paul Collins) and Gustave (Curt Mabry). Set in an old soldiers' home, we watch the three protagonists plot their escape, heading for a nearby group of poplar trees.


When I first heard of this absurdist play was being performed in a reasonably naturalistic style I was unimpressed. Taking the Absurd out of an Absurdist play is like sucking the helium out of a balloon. You still have a balloon, but now it's just a bit of plastic and you sound like to dick to boot.

However, Bertrand pulls it off with aplomb. 'Heroes' is a staggeringly well put-together piece. Bertrand says one of his reasons behind staging this play was to honour his grandparents and as I watched the characters unfold I kept thinking, what if this was my grandfather?

The performances given by Curt Mabry, Paul Collins and Mark Edwards were excellent. They portrayed rich and developed characters. An instant bond was created between them and the audience. Paul Collins in particular stood out, his portrayal of Philippe, who would regularly black out due to a bit of shrapnel lodged in his brain, was intelligent and insightful. Collins managed to walk the line between humour and seriousness, which kept the audience fully engaged. I found myself leaping from laughter to a deep sense of foreboding and fear then back again in the time it took to read two lines.

In fact I haven't laughed this much at a play in a long time. The humour was clever, each line delivered in an intelligent way. It would've been easy for the director to slip into the pitfall of caricaturing the old men, in the hope of getting a laugh. But instead by developing three strong characters, the humour feels genuine and realistic.

Though the budget was small, and the production certainly had a couple of rough edges, that seemed to bring something to the performance instead of taking anything away. The set was minimalistic and highly functional. Including the statue of a large dog. A strong contender for my favourite character.

All in all a thoroughly splendid way to spend an evening. I take my hat off to the team at Twisted Carousel Theatre, they chose a difficult play, and rose to the challenge. I would highly advise getting your butts down there to see it."

- Claire L. Squire.


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