After improvising several two-person shows ("No Titles" with Aaron Garcia, "The Nerves" with Anthony Gates, "Pengyou" with Elva Yao, and "Oldprov" with Reece Ayers), Julien joins Jodie Gillies for a brand new musical improv performance: "2 LOUD". Created for the 2nd annual Belfast Improv Festival in August 2019, the show improvises a slice of life in a musical style.

The first performance was musically directed by Lee Pophal (see below).

Jodie Gillies comes from Australia and has recently relocated to Europe. She has spent most of her life onstage, singing and acting in many musicals back home. After moving to China, she further developed her improvisational skills by joining Zmack Shanghai, where she met Julien. After two years in the musical improv team "Snap!", she tied the improv knot with Julien to bring a unique two-person show to the stage.

Lee Pophal comes from the US and is an international educator in music. He has taught in many high-profile international schools around the world and joined Zmack in Shanghai, shaping the musical improv team "Snap" into a sold-out show. He regularly teaches musical improv workshops. Find more about him here.

Photos courtesy of Steven Buggy


Zmack presents "The Nerves"


Zmack presents "No Titles", December 2016

In my first ever twoprov show with talented Aaron Garcia

Zmack presents "The Nerves"

(January 20th, 2018) 

Zmack presents "The Nerves"

(November 25th, 2017) 

Other videos of musical improv shows done in Shanghai can be found on Zmack's Youku Video page at

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